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Rlc.(Blc.) King of Taiwan 'Ta-Hsin #1'
  Cattleya Penny Kuroda in July 2012  Cattleya Loddigrossa in Dec. 2012

Oncidium papilio
(Psychopsis) in Oct. 2007

Paph. Iantha Stage in Oct. 2007

Cephalanthera falcata in May 2011

Cremastra appendiculata
in June 2011 

Epidendrum floribundum 'Miyao' in March 2005

Blc.(Rlc.) Memoria Crispin Rosales in Dec. 2005

Gymnadenia camtschatica in May 2006

sp. in June 2006

Coelogyne virencense
in March 2005

Cattleya nobilior in March 2005 Brassavola nodosa in Sept. 2005 Vuylstekeara Cambria in Sept. 2005
Cattleya cultivar in Sept. 2005

Lc. Drumbeat 'Heritage' in Oct. 2005

Pot. Haw Yuan Gold 'Y.K. #2' in Oct. 2005

Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester in May 2006

Stenocoryne vittellina
in May 2006

View of green house in Shinjuku Imperial Garden (National Garden) in March 2006

. Hokugen 'Super Sopts' in Oct. 2004

Liparis nutans in Oct. 2008

Laeria purpurata in May 2005

Vuylstekeara Edna 'Stamperland' in May
Cattleya aclandiae in May 2005

Oncidium sarcodes
in July 2005

Baptstonia echinata
in July 2005

View of an orchid shop in Hochimin in Sept. 2004

Catasetum Rebecca Northen 'Mikkabi' in Jan. 2007

Oncidium lanceanum in Sept. 2007

Dendrobium phalaenopsis photoed in Hochimin in Sept. 2004

Encyclia mariae in Sept. 2004
Ada keiliana
in Sept. 2004
Cattleya bowringiana in Nov. 2003
Dendorobium cultivar in Nov. 2003

Blc. Greenwich 'Elmhurst' in July 2003

Cattleya Majorie Hausermann in Oct. 1997

Dendrobium aggregatum in June 2004
Brassia Eternal Wind in June 2003

Odontoglossum cirrhosum-1 in Jan. 2009 Odontoglossum cirrhosum-2 in Jan. 2009 Odontoglossum (Rhyncostele) cordatum in May 2009

Trichopilia suavis in April 2009

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